Starter/General Guide

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Starter/General Guide

Postby baschta » Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:41 am

Stormthrone Starter/General Guide

Do main quests whenever you can
Do the 15 crusade quests daily as well, gives a lot of exp and rewards. If you have extra free pyrum (not regular pyrum, mouse over pyrum for more info) you can use to refresh quality of the quests. Last crusade quest of the day will be 5x reward. If you can afford to, buy the 3x exp of it for 99 pyrum, helps level faster.
Do Forlorn Rift whenever you can, gives polar souls, exp and gold. You get a free reset daily, use that to blitz to the latest level again. You use polar souls to upgrade passive skills mostly
Collect daily prizes: the offline exp, login rewards, level packs, and the second chance(press all gold).
Collect your rewards from clash of realms: the rewards from the warp map tab and from press the treasure chest bar above realm coins, that gives a daily reward based on your rankings.
Collect your arena rewards(gold + points), do your 15 attempts and try to get ahead
Collect Beruva Trials for free pyrum when you meet the threshold for the rewards.
Upgrade and collect from citadel. Youll want to mostly focus on leveling the exp gardens but you can get the gold gardens to all lvl 5 if you want. Level garden plots evenly, no reason to level one plot really high and others low.
Do Guild quests, good exp, good gold + tribute. Early on, you might have trouble with some of these. Some mobs/minibosses are hard and these mobs are in the COR PVP map so you can get killed while attempting these quests. Refresh quality of the quest to ~15 like for crusade quests.

Black Market
Mostly just buy aeon weapon for your class and try completing that. Also has a decent selection of purple gear to buy. For your realm coins, you want to save and buy the 3 mounts in the shards section, the top 3, starting from the cheapest. Use your arena points to buy the 2 equipment first, theyre quite strong.

Buy whatever you think is useful, usually you want to stay away from buying crafting materials unless you need them to make something. Focus on buying stuff like the black widow mount shards, pet food(raw meat, milk, bok choy), star stones, forge crystals, imbue dusts. Pet shards are also good long term if you can afford to. Just avoid buying blue or lower rarity pet shards or purple pet shards of an easily obtainable pet(thundercat)

Collect these for rewards in the achievement button above the shop button.

Collect the stipend daily, you use 5 tribute(5 gold donated to guild) but you get more back. If you join chelifex invasion often and have a lot of wardrake scales, ember ores, etc, you can donate to guild for tribute. If youre getting a ton of that, like 50+ daily, spend on the bok choys, steed jades, and nimbus cloths in the guild bonus tab. Guild skills are kinda expensive at the start

Mount and Cloaks
These give more stats to your characters but generally not worth spending pyrum on more nimbus cloths and steed jades to upgrade. You get these as rewards and from boss/dungeon drops anyways.

Active pets give an extra special skill for you to use, can be heals, damaging, crowd control, etc. You can buy these in auction house or find them in the wild on maps, each map has chance for 1 or 2 pets to spawn. They show up as level 35 mobs with a green paw print icon above their heads. Press them and press the net icon that shows up to capture them. Once captured, you have to identify them by clicking them in your inventory and identifying it. Usually do advanced identify for pyrums, gives you better quality pet so better stats. Once you get a pet, you can activate them and they will take up a pet slot, giving you passive stats.. You start with 5 and buy more with pyrum. Theyre a good source of stats so it is good to get like ~10 total, more if you want. Fill those slots with the highest rarity pets you can get. You can level pets to increase their passive stat bonus, the gold upgrade gives 3k exp per upgrade and increases in price every time you upgrade. This price resets to like 20 silver at server reset. Spend and upgrade until you get upgrades that cost like 1 gold, then stop to wait for tomorrow. Another way to upgrade stats is by feeding. You use pet food and increase pet loyalty levels in the bestiary tab. Youll want to collect and feed every pet you get so they show up in your bestiary, even if you dont plan on using them. Just activate the pet, feed them once so they show up in bestiary and then you can toss the pet if you dont have the slots. Level up loyalty levels evenly as they give a small amount of passive stats but increase in food requirements per level.

You get talent points, 1 per level after level 30. Just ask in chat if you need help with what to pick.
Level passives+actives whenever you can. Guild members usually have extra active skill books to trade.

Aeons, apart from the first blueprint for Lady Valaris Oath, have to be bought from the black market. These aeons, when activated, give you a good amount of passive stats and also an extra skill. You can only use the aeon for your class apart from a couple exceptions, mainly Lady Valaris Oath and the Soul Reaper(bugged, can not be activated), which are all class. You can buy these parts off the auction house or as drops from dungeons. Its good to focus on getting and activating all aeons, even though you cant use most of them, they provide a hefty bonus to stats.

You run dungeons either solo or with a group. Dungeons up to and including Mawtusk Marsh have AI to help if you start with less than 5 members. These dungeons have ~5 bosses with some having more with hidden bosses sometimes appearing as well. These dungeons drop crafting materials(more on that later), pet food, aeon materials, equipment, and equipment upgrading.
Legions are 10 man raid dungeons. These are much harder but drop higher quality drops such as set equipment. The guild runs these daily, 1 attempt daily max.

Forging upgrades base stats of equipment, costs gold for first 20 levels, then also forge crystals, these are obtained mainly from recycling equipment. Upgrade also increases equipment stats by by 5%. This is a stronger boost but is riskier with chances to fail. Imbue dust, also obtained from scrapping equipment, is used to imbue equipment. It seems like a minor boost, 1 to a stat per 2 dust, but it all adds up and the 4th add to an equip is usually a % buff or a crowd control chance. Gems, obtained from events, boss drops and black market also give stats to equipment. Doesnt matter which piece of equip you put them in, its all the same boost. Enchant gives your weapon elemental bonus damage as well as a special debuff attack on your weapon(only 1 can be active at a time). Craft tab is for crafting strong equipment, rings, and necklaces with materials from dungeons. You can recycle all equipment that you are using and get back 100% of the resources you put into it(except star stone failure attempts), so dont worry about upgrading equipment that you think can be replaced.

Located in various Clash of Realm maps, drops accessory sets, crafting materials, upgrading materials and more. These have set Respawn Times, ranging from 30 min to 12 hours (CURRENTLY NOT SET BY DEVS, so every Boss Respawns in 24 Hours)

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Re: Starter/General Guide

Postby rbrittain53 » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:32 pm

server 2 loads half way and freezes but server 1 loads ok. Im using mini client

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Re: Starter/General Guide

Postby rbrittain53 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:11 pm

Its working again now thanks

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Re: Starter/General Guide

Postby crowspost » Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:39 am

saturday 23rd January Server one now gets stuck loading just like server 2 did last week